NMP TeAm at Euronanoforum 2017

NMBP NCPs on the European Commission stand

Horizon 2020 NMBP National Contact Points will be on the European Commission stand at EuroNanoForum 2017 21-23 June. Feel free to drop by with any queries you may have about Horizon 2020, or any proposal ideas.

  •   Guidance on choosing relevant H2020 topics and types of action
  •   Advice on administrative procedures and contractual issues
  •   Training and assistance on proposal writing
  •   Distribution of documentation (forms, guidelines, manuals etc.)
  •   Assistance in Partner Search, including the NMP TeAm Partner Search Facility

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NMP Stakeholders workshop at Euronanoforum 2017, 23.06.2017, 10:00


To assure a steady and sustainable industrial growth we need to reinvent new paradigms between value chain players. In this context new forms of relation between Large enterprises and SMEs have to be explored.

Large Industries in Europe, like in the whole World, are drivers for markets and main players in structuring the respective supply chain. While globalisation has certainly created for large industry opportunities for a worldwide effective services/products shopping around with economic advantages, it has broken the past structural relations between Large Enterprises and their European based SME system. It is not credible today to step back on this tendency, but attentions may be putted into create evidence of common advantages for Large Industry and SME in boosting again structural relations based on high-tech common strategies.

European small and medium enterprises and the unprecedented challenges facing them today are at the centre of the European Commission’s interest. SMEs are the growth and job creation engines in Europe. They will provide the innovative products and services of the future to respond to our societal challenges.

A cooperation between the two systems will be required if we want to assure a paradigm where the creation of an healthy value chain based on a of supply chain could per se generate value and have different types of impact: economic, social, ethical.

During a two hours workshop NMBP Stakeholders and National Contact Points will work together to try to answer to this calling question.

The outcome will be a set of possible recommendations and thoughts for the future steps.

NMP TeAm invites all delegates of Euronanoforum 2017.  Malta, Valetta,  23rd of June 2017 h10:00.