KIC in Manufacturing announced

On 5 December 2018  the KIC in Manufacturing was announced.

EIT Manufacturing’s mission is to bring European manufacturing actors together in innovation ecosystems that add unique value to European products, processes, services and inspire the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

EIT Manufacturing has six strategic objectives:

  1. Excellent manufacturing skills and talents: adding value through an upskilled workforce and engaged students.
  2. Efficient manufacturing innovation ecosystems: adding value through creating ecosystems for innovation, entrepreneurship and business transformation focused on innovation hotspots.
  3. Full digitalisation of manufacturing: adding value through digital solutions and platforms that connect value networks globally.
  4. Customer-driven manufacturing: adding value through agile and flexible manufacturing that meets global personalised demand.
  5. Socially sustainable manufacturing: adding value through safe, healthy, ethical and socially sustainable production and products.
  6. Environmentally sustainable manufacturing: adding value by making industry greener and cleaner


The announcement and the factsheet can be found here: