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NMPTeAm get award at EuroNanoForum 2011

Tuesday 07 June 2011
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NMP TeAm awarded "most inspiring exhibitor" at EuroNanoForum 2011 Budapest, Hungary - 01/06/2011.

The evening of the 31st of May 2011 was a very special one for
the NMP (Nano Sciences and Nano Technologies, Materials and New Forms of Production) FP7 National Contact Point (NCP) Network. In a nice ceremony at the gala dinner of the EuroNanoForum 2011 European Nanotechnology conference, the NMP TeAm stand received the "most inspiring exhibit" award in the category "European Projects" in a secret voting by the conference participants. "Don't expect anything exciting when you visit our stand -- the strength of the stand is the people, the NMP NCPs of Europe and the world"! , said Anastasia Constantinou, National Contact Point for Greece and NMP TeAm project coordinator when receiving the award on behalf of the Network. The NMP NCP Network consists of experts in the 27 EU Member States, the candidate and associated states and many third countries with more than 80 individuals around the world. NMP TeAm is the EU funded project of the NMP National Contact Points which aims at improving the services provided by the NCPs and hence the quality of the proposals and the consortia, through e.g. an NMP theme specific partner search tool. The NMP TeAm stand was staffed by NMP NCPs from 16 countries who provided information and assistance on EU funding in the NMP theme to the conference participants. On the third day of the EuroNanoForum 2011 conference, NMP TeAm and the coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network of Hungary HITA co-organised a brokerage event with approximately 120 research and technology profiles which led to more than 360 pre-arranged meetings.

NMPTeam members at ENF2011

NMPTeAm members at ENF2011 Hungary

ENF2011 Brokerage event

Brokerage Event at ENF2011 Hungary

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