H2020 ProSafe Project promotes the Safe by Design concept

The nanotechnology sector continues to grow with important economic impacts, but the potential benefits are hampered by the uncertainty with respect to their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) aspects and – linked to that – with respect to the safety regulation. Safe by Design concept, as a way to consider the EHS aspects in an early stage of the innovation has been developed by different projects.

Safety of nanomaterials will be considered to have significantly improved when Safe-by-Design (SbD) will be internationally accepted as a tool to increase safety in products, for the workplace, for consumers, and for the environment.  Numerous initiatives are ongoing or planned under H2020 and other funding schemes, in which the concept of Safe-by-Design is central. ProSafe, an H2020 CSA, will facilitate and promote the acceptance and use of Safe-by-Design within industrial innovation processes.

Benefits of the integration of SbD in industrial innovation processes:

–           SbD can be integrated in existing industrial innovation processes (not only new processes)

–           Early and easier identification of risks and uncertainty

–           Reduction of uncertainties and risk at the earliest possible stage

–           Projects with unacceptable risks can be restructured on time, or terminated

–           Be prepared to meet todays and future regulatory requirements

–           Safe-by-Design delivers a good balance between safety, functionality and costs

H2020 ProSafe Project promotes the Safe by Design concept for industries involved in nanotech innovation.

By taking part in the ProSafe network, companies will be able to receive information on SbD methods potentially applicable to their innovation processes also through free training on the concept and its implementation, to have a say in the development of SbD addressing industrial needs, and be able to be financed by national authorities for the implementation of the SbD concept in their innovation process.

For more information, please see the website: http://www.h2020-prosafe.eu/prosafe/?cat=32