Cooperation Workshop of the SET-Plan Action 6: Making EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive

Jun / 2018

LOCATION : Brussels , Belgium

ORGANIZER(S): European Commission

A workshop in the context of the SET Plan Action 6 WG on Energy Efficiency in Industry has been scheduled for June 27-28th, 2018 in Brussels

The Implementation Plan of the SET Plan Action 6 on “Continuing efforts to make EU industry less energy intensive and more competitive” was endorsed by the SET Plan Steering Group on 29 September 2017.  It describes the future activities that will contribute to reaching the targets defined earlier in the Declaration of Intent, agreed by the Temporary Working Group, which includes the SET Plan Countries representatives and relevant stakeholders.

This Cooperation Workshop aims to contribute to the realisation of the Implementation Plan: enhancing cooperation between National programmes and further developing the activities into concrete projects.

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