AM-MOTION draft additive manufacturing roadmap published

AM-Motion is a Horizon 2020 CSA project aiming at contributing to a rapid market uptake of Additive Manufacturing technologies across Europe by connecting and upscaling existing initiatives and efforts, improving the conditions for large-scale, cross-regional demonstration and market deployment, and by involving a large number of key stakeholders, particularly from industry.

AM-MOTION vision for 2030 foresees that Europe will improve its leading role in Additive Manufacturing, greatly impacting on the competitiveness of European industrial sectors. Based on the identified challenges and opportunities, the current draft AM-MOTION roadmap proposes future actions for the AM development and successful market uptake in target sectors:

  • Health;
  • Aerospace;
  • Automotive;
  • Consumer goods and Electronics;
  • Industrial equipment and Tooling;
  • Construction;
  • Energy

The document includes also cross-cutting actions (technical and non-technical), covering several sectors. You can download the document from the project web site: D5.3_rev_July2018-rev9.pdf .

AM-MOTION conducts public survey with the aim of collecting the feedback for its final validation, by the 10th of September 2018. Visit the follwing link to provide your contribution: . AM-MOTION roadmap may be seen as an evolution of FOFAM Roadmap, which has been further developed and expanded in AM-MOTION project involving around 130 external experts through physical meetings and remote surveys. In August-September 2018 the whole community is asked to participate online to a public consultation. The revision of the roadmap will lead to the release of the Final AM-MOTION Roadmap, to be presented at “AMEF2018 Additive Manufacturing European Forum” (Brussels, 23-24 October 2018).